Why do Corelink Radio?

It could just be me…but I find that every now and then, even with things I have a great deal of passion for, when I am up to my neck in the aggregate, I can begin to ask myself the question “why am I doing this?”  It’s not as if the original reason of purpose changed, but situations do cause for re-evaluation.  I recently found myself there with Corelink Radio and it was great to be able to refer back to this.

Corelink Radio – Why we do it

So, what’s the moral of the story?  When you set out to begin something new, cast a vision and write it down.  It doesn’t have to be deep, nor does it require a strategic offsite.  It could be a simple statement or if you must have something a bit more specific, perhaps you try www.leancanvas.com to frame out some pieces.  Just write down something that you can refer to from time to time…and use it.  Refer to it to test your strategy, your tactics and your personal investment…particularly the one you can never get back – – – your time!.  It will serve you well.

James (Trig)

Holy Culture Drop CD 2013

I am really looking forward to the Drop CD this year as we’re working to make some changes from the first edition.  Most notably, in this edition, we’re working to make it more local with a concentrated push in 5 markets.  If you have even the slightest interest in us trying to change the behavior and trajectory of our young people, I’d ask you to read the post below and consider making a small donation to the project.


Music for your ears. Truth for your heart.

On August 2nd, 2011, HolyCulture.net released the first DROP CD project. The DROP CD received a warm welcome and has since been distributed both physically and digitally over 11,500 times across the world. Now on its sophomore album, Holy Culture presents a similar album, but it will include a more intentional storyline with some of today’s most talented artists. The new project will also include a Biblical curriculum which mirrors the album and other resources such as music videosdevotionals and more. These resources are an excellent way for Churches to provide Biblical truths in a real and relevant way.



  • To provide a strategic hip-hop compilation album, free of charge, that presents a Biblical account of the story of God and how we fit into His plan.
  • To use the album as an evangelistic outreach tool, available in both physical and digital formats, for individuals, Churches and Christian organizations alike to use in ministry.
  • To go beyond music by organizing community outreaches in order to love God and love our neighbor by being Jesus’ hands and feet.
  • To provide a Biblical curriculum that works in concert with the album in order to foster deeper spiritual growth and knowledge.



  • PRAYER – Pray for the process of the project, those who will use it and those who will hear it.
  • PROMOTIONS – Encourage people to download the project when it’s released and
  • DONATE – You’re at the right place! Help us by financially supporting the project. For every dollar you donate, we’ll be able to share the Gospel with at least one person.



  • Tentative Album Release Date: Late August 2013.
  • Tentative Curriculum Release Date: September 2013.



Five US cities will be selected to host a community outreach event (block party, concert, fair). Each city will receive 1,000 to 2,000 DROP CDs, depending on funding and community support, which will be dispersed at the event. Holy Culture will work closely with leaders from each of those communities.

The following cities will be considered for the outreach event:

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
  2. Chicago, Illinois
  3. New York, New York
  4. Tampa, Florida
  5. Portland, Oregon



A $10,000 budget will allow us to make 10,000 physical copies for outreach, pay for mix/mastering, use promotional platforms to raise awareness and cover project related administrative costs. All donations are tax-deductible through Corelink Radio Ministries, a 501(c)(3) organization.

All project funds will be accounted for by Corelink Ministries and is subject to public release upon request.  To donate, please click here for info.

*** If you are interested in obtaining BULK copies (100 copies or more) of the DROP CD, please contact Ben @ dropcd@holyculture.net



Creation & Separation

Levi the Poet

Sinful Humanity

Anthony Rose

People of God

Sean Slaughter

Exodus & Law


Person of Jesus

Social Club

Works of Jesus

Princeton Marcellis

Death and Resurrection

Bobby Bishop

Mission & Power


Life in the Spirit

The Ambassador

Life in the End



Holy Culture’s tag line represents its mission “connectcollab, & inspire.” We exist to promote Christ, serve the Christian community and provide tools to those that co-labor in the culture. We cover hip-hop, rock, CCM, alternative, rhythm & praise and gospel. Build with us at www.holyculture.net

The Drop CD

Most definitely one of my favorite projects.  The thrust of the project is to provide people, particularly churches and other believers to have an evangelistic tool to reach out to others with.  Through the course of the project we’ve been able to introduce our faith to many!

Check it out here for yourself!

EEW Magazine’s 10 Men Leading the Way

Very honored to be a part of this distinguished group of men.  Really happy to have had the opportunity to serve in my community for a number of years now and to know that it is making an impact.


by Kellus Hill
Music Editor, DaSouth.com

Christian Rap is steadily heading to a point of higher respectability in the general market. There have been strides made in the area of quality and skill that have been noticed by non- Christian media outlets as well as artists. I can see a point where the Gospel music market will support its Christ-centered rhyming cousin and people will embrace the common ground of The Word of God being championed. I also see a point where kids and teens will understand even more that they have viable options, or even replacements, beyond what the radio and BET support.

Though we know that Christian rap artists are flawed humans, just as us all, they focus on the solution- The Gospel. In the black community, there is a lot of trying to solve problems with problematic behavior. Christian rap, in focusing on The Gospel, speaks about the problems while ultimately providing THE answer. We have artists who not only rap about being husbands/ wives and fathers/mothers, they are faithful husbands/ wives and fathers/ mothers. They’re pastors, teachers, activists, business people, police officers, and much, much more. They should be embraced as examples of what redemption looks like.

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