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Engaged teams produce 2X the results of those that are not

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Passion Propels Performance - - and that is why passionate and engaged teams perform 2X better than others.

I have had the honor of managing businesses and teams, delivering results through others at Allstate, JPMorgan Chase and now LegalShield.  Throughout, leveraging these 6 Promises to enable people to reach their potential.

My passion is helping others succeed and thus I would welcome the opportunity to help you (and your team) reach new heights.

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The 6 Promises That Will Impact Your Career

I help others succeed by teaching them the same six promises that got me where I am today.
People are more capable of achieving their biggest goals than they realize.

What Others Are Saying

"An incredibly authentic 'view from the top' from a leader who has never forgotten his roots, and in fact has used them as a competitive advantage."

Deria Web

Former President, JPMorgan Chase & Co. Foundation

"I have seen James lead teams of people with gentle, dedicated and passionate direction. He's a leader who garners respect. His words will inspire."

Mark Berman

President, Mallet Group

"James delivers life-changing techniques that will impact both new and experienced professionals."

Kathy Fable

CEO,Quinn Fable Advertising, Inc.

James Rosseau is a highly engaging speaker that brings the audience into the conversation. James spoke to our students about the fast-changing workforce, including the influx of millennials, innovation and several topics that resonated with our Executive MBA students. The student population consisted largely of senior level executives who manage large teams. Our student gained strategies and implementation recommendations that would be useful in their day to day work. James also spent time discussing the importance of finding your passion at any stage of your career, providing easy to follow action steps for finding your passion. We were very fortunate to learn from James and look forward to hosting him again in the future.

Tino Chitigia

Assistant Director, Business Development - Kellogg School of Management

James provided a refreshing take on how to manage a multi-generational workforce, with HR leaders developing peer coaches or "movement leaders" throughout their companies to help usher in change. He provided some tactical examples of initiating support practices to help align business outcomes and did so in a way that was memorable, approachable, and got all of us closer to the "why" to take our talent management practices to the next level.


Senior Program Manager, G100 Network

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6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion,
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