Why do Corelink Radio?

It could just be me…but I find that every now and then, even with things I have a great deal of passion for, when I am up to my neck in the aggregate, I can begin to ask myself the question “why am I doing this?”  It’s not as if the original reason of purpose changed, but situations do cause for re-evaluation.  I recently found myself there with Corelink Radio and it was great to be able to refer back to this.

Corelink Radio – Why we do it

So, what’s the moral of the story?  When you set out to begin something new, cast a vision and write it down.  It doesn’t have to be deep, nor does it require a strategic offsite.  It could be a simple statement or if you must have something a bit more specific, perhaps you try www.leancanvas.com to frame out some pieces.  Just write down something that you can refer to from time to time…and use it.  Refer to it to test your strategy, your tactics and your personal investment…particularly the one you can never get back – – – your time!.  It will serve you well.

James (Trig)

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