Resources For Your Growth

  • The Corelink Solution Podcast

    Whether it's figuring out your passion or purpose, navigating the corporate maze, growing as a leader, or cutting through the fog of entrepreneurship, this podcast provides you with insights, strategies, and techniques that help you succeed in your career.

  • Success Thought of the Day Podcast

    It has been said that your attitude at the start of the day can have more effect on you than ten cups of coffee! Further, psychologists estimate that we make more than 30,000 decisions each day. So, we must challenge ourselves to begin our days with thoughts that prepare us for success.

    The Success Thought of the Day is about just that. Start your day off with a dose of motivation, inspiration, and insights.

  • Positioning to SCORE in Unpredictable Moments: Five Sequential Essentials to Help Managers Prepare

    As leaders, we often use our knowledge, skills, and experiences at a level of unconscious competence to deliver results.  During times of uncertainty and diminished control, our remit calls us into all-out action.  In these moments, we need to combine our developed instincts with an intentional approach to improve the probability of positive outcomes. 

    This book will provide you with five intentionally sequenced steps called SCORE that will assist you in developing your playbook for action. 

  • 7 Steps To Success

    This free eBook (largely carved out of Success On Your Own Terms) is designed to help you get the career you want, build the skills you need, and develop a system for success.

  • Goal Setting

    Goal Setting is key to success in your life, career, and anything you want to achieve. 

    People who set goals are 3X - 10X more likely to succeed. 

    Get some tips and a worksheet to set your goals.

  • Free Chapter of Success On Your Own Terms

    Free First Chapter of my book, Success on Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career, and Create an Amazing Life.

    This will set the stage for everything else you will see on our website.  It encapsulates my journey, the lessons learned, practical application in any environment, and how to help others achieve as well.

    Further, you can delve into the 6 promises right here on the website starting right here.

  • Success Thought of the Day

    Get a daily dose of inspiration delivered to your email box each morning.  How we begin our days is critical and our thoughts are more important than a cup of coffee  (and I like my coffee! ).

  • Network Building Tool (Ecosystem Grid)

    Build quality relationships with people whom you have something in common by using a tool that helps raise your awareness around the relationships closest to you.  Get the Ecosystem Grid.

  • Success On Your Own Terms FOR YOUTH!

    This program is delivered to you free in order to provide to your youth complete with a leader's guide and materials.

    This program is focused on self-efficacy, building desire and belief, followed by a universal set of work and life skills that are transferrable to any work environment.

    Expected outcomes include improved academics, higher graduation rates, and higher long-term career success rates.

  • Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking

    In full transparency, Billy and Melissa are great friends of mine.  In fact, Billy wrote the forward to my book and is the one that introduced me to Melissa, who was my book coach.  This book is great for several reasons, but I will try to keep it to three.

    1. I have seen them live out the practices they are speaking to.
    2. They go straight into the challenges most of us have with networking and help debunk them early on so we get that out of the way.
    3. They provide practical "do now" tips on how to succeed.
  • Decide AND Start Tee

    Don't let indecision slow you down from reaching your purpose.  Wear a Tee that reminds you and encourages others.