Speaking engagements

The goal of my book and my engagement with organizations is to assist others in identifying their passion, committing to progress in the pursuit of that passion and developing a roadmap to achieve it.

  • In my speaking engagements I cover each of the 6 Promises within the book
    • Embrace your passion. Don’t discount your dreams. Return to that childlike fascination you once had and find a way to spend your work and life passionately.
    • Perform to progress versus perfection. Don’t become paralyzed by perfection or the pursuit of it. Instead, perform to progress toward your goals and dreams, celebrating each small step along the way.
    • Promote with purpose. Let people know who you are in a way that is personal and purposeful — not a slick self-promoter. People recognize and reward those who stand confidently in their strengths authentically and purposefully.
    • Parlay your platform. Your ‘platform’ is the station in life you’ve achieved thus far. It is the sum total of all your efforts in honing your talents and skills. It may not be where you want to be yet, but it’s yours.
    • Put it into action. Keep your eyes and ear open to see when opportunity knocks. Be alert to it and be aware. Take action on the four steps that lead up to this as earnestly and as often as possible.
    • Practice philanthropy. Give. You can never go wrong giving, even when no one hears about it. So many of us have benefitted from the gifts of others, and you’ll never know what your small, or even not-so-small, gift might mean to someone in need, be it a coworker, a friend, or even a boss.

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