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Success Thought of the Day – 5/30/18 (#successtotd)

  We have all heard the expression before that we see the finished product, but often do not see the work that went into producing that product.  This is a great example of what it takes to go from raw materials to finished product. The setting of goals, consistency of good habits and persistence through…

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Goal Setting

Why is Goal Setting Important? Goal Setting is key to success in your life, career, and anything you want to achieve.  Let’s get started by watching this short video below. FREE WORKBOOK: To start you Goal Setting, I challenge you to take action right now and will give you my Success On Your Own Terms Workbook for…

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Success Thought of the Day – 5/16/18 (#successtotd)

This is a great reminder for us.  No matter how much we want things for others, they must want it for themselves and go after it for themselves.  That said, our role can be to supply inspiration, motivation, guidance, support, good counsel, friendship, mentorship, sponsorship and beyond. We cannot do it for them, nor force…

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