EEW Magazine’s 10 Men Leading the Way

Very honored to be a part of this distinguished group of men.  Really happy to have had the opportunity to serve in my community for a number of years now and to know that it is making an impact.


by Kellus Hill
Music Editor,

Christian Rap is steadily heading to a point of higher respectability in the general market. There have been strides made in the area of quality and skill that have been noticed by non- Christian media outlets as well as artists. I can see a point where the Gospel music market will support its Christ-centered rhyming cousin and people will embrace the common ground of The Word of God being championed. I also see a point where kids and teens will understand even more that they have viable options, or even replacements, beyond what the radio and BET support.

Though we know that Christian rap artists are flawed humans, just as us all, they focus on the solution- The Gospel. In the black community, there is a lot of trying to solve problems with problematic behavior. Christian rap, in focusing on The Gospel, speaks about the problems while ultimately providing THE answer. We have artists who not only rap about being husbands/ wives and fathers/mothers, they are faithful husbands/ wives and fathers/ mothers. They’re pastors, teachers, activists, business people, police officers, and much, much more. They should be embraced as examples of what redemption looks like.

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