Everyone needs affirmation

There I was this past Monday afternoon, in the airport, heading out to Altanta on what should have been a routine trip.  Now, in hindsight, I should have known when the rain starting falling heavily with flashes of lightning, that things would be delayed.  My flight was to originally set to leave at 6:15 and about an hour before it was changed to 9:03….then 9:30, then 9:50…..


After hanging around for a while I decided to call American Airlines to see what could be done (e.g move to a flight they next day, etc.).  The representative (let’s call her Betty) answered the phone nicely enough and I asked her if they could move me to a morning flight, but the first flight in the morning was full and the mid morning flight would get me into Atlanta far too late for my meeting.  I then said, “ok, I will wait for my flight this evening.”  Eureka, I thought..as long as I’m going to sit in the airport for 3 hours or so, American should give me courtesy access to the Admiral’s club.  So, I asked the representative, “In a situation such as this, does American extend courtesy access to the club.”

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Success On Your Own Terms: It’s going to print!

I just heard from the publisher yesterday that the book is going to print.  It all feels so surreal.  After years of jotting notes and most of 2013 focused on seriously writing the book, it is now coming to fruition.  I am really looking forward to this being a tool for people at various life-stages, particularly our youth.  Very excited!