Steps of Faith

Last week was like the tale of two cities for me, literally.  In Las Vegas I joined with over several thousand colleagues in our Annual International LegalShield conference (the first I have attended) and in Philadelphia, my son was working his way through his next steps after the NFL combine he attended the prior weekend.  While the locations and participants were obviously very different, a common theme ran through both.
In Las Vegas I had the opportunity to spend time with LegalShield Associates from every walk of life, ranging from the experienced to the new recruit, full-time to part-time, executive leader to junior associate, college student to retiree and more.  Their goals were also different as well…some wanted to create financial freedom, others just wanted supplemental income and still others wanted to create a particular lifestyle. Throughout the week, I could see momentum building and a resonance with the positive reinforcement they heard from the various speakers. I could also hear the hope in the voices of many with whom I spoke.
Back in Philadelphia my son was awaiting word from the organizers of the NFL combine he attended previous Saturday and Sunday – – that word being that he would be moving forward to the next step in the process and on Thursday he informed me that he had not received a call.  As you can imagine, he was very disappointed.  However, within 48 hours he had developed a plan of action and the next steps towards his passion!!!!
Here is the commonality I saw during the course of my week.  Both the folks I spent time with in Las Vegas and my son saw a vision, grounded in their passion and while obstacles presented themselves and / or circumstances were not ideal, they were not dismayed.  They believed that if one door closed, another would open . . . provided that they kept knocking on doors.  To do that requires belief in my estimation….belief in your passion and an even stronger belief that you were uniquely created to operate within it.

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