My son is in the 2011 NCAA Game!

Wow, how crazy is this – – ok, I know it’s not Christian Hip-Hop related, but…  He is my son and I’m on the co-owner of Holy Culture and incredibly proud, so you’ll have to deal with me 🙂

For real though, the Lord has really been faithful and we’ve been praying that the Lord would meet and exceed his wildest dreams.  I am just madd proud because I’ve watched him work so hard for years driving towards his passion of playing professional football one day.  This is another step along that journey.

Pick up a copy if you’d like….it is sure to be a collector’s item one day (we pray).  If you want it signed or something I can surely arrange that :).  Should you get a copy, you’ll need to download the Delaware State Hornets.  He is James Rosseau Jr., #34.

You can also check out his facebook fan page here.  He posts up video blogs from time to time.  If you’re in the Philadelphia Tri-state area and want to hit up a game this year, just let me know.

Lastly and more importantly, please continue to pray for him (on and off the field).

Trig (James B. Rosseau Sr.)

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