First weekend at Kellogg

First Kellogg weekend under my belt.  While we were told to expect that we would build long-lasting relationships with each other as EMP 98 classmates, I never would have expected them to start knitting together so quickly and richly.
We had our “live-in week,” during the first full week of January, which set the stage (at least for me as I had to miss the orientation weekend in December).   That week allowed us to begin getting into the rhythm of being a student again, dusting off study habits, etc.  It also started us down the paths of discussions about our personal goals relative to attending Kellogg.  Beyond the weariness that grew during the course of the week was the continuous illumination of the opportunity.  The opportunity to not only be a better business professional, but to have a great impact on our society.  Dean Blount really underscored that message during the time she spent with us during the week.
For me the most memorable part about this past weekend was the insights I was blessed to learn about many of my classmates.  Most of us shared just a small piece of our “story” and “who” we were, along with an anonymous sharing of what we hope for in our world.  In essence, I learned that I am fortunate to be with a group of determined individuals, many of which are seeking better, not just for themselves, but society at large.  Great to be with a team of like minded folks!

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