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The 6 Promises That Will Impact Your Career

I help others succeed by teaching them the same six promises that got me where I am today.
People are more capable of achieving their biggest goals than they realize.

About The Book

Passion comes from inside. Stoke it. Setbacks happen. Find your way around, over, and through them. Be willing to receive, then give back. Pay it forward.

Four out of five young people are dissatisfied with their jobs. Why bother to pursue a dream?

It’s up to you to create your custom-tailored career and define success your way. How? Combine your burning passion with drive, determination, strategy, and commitment to pay it forward; and find and nurture mentor support, stay steady on your path, and see the fireworks.

Success on Your Own Terms will show you exactly how to do it.

Living parallel lives as a business executive, Christian hip-hop media owner, and author, James Rosseau has merged the streams of his three passions to make a difference in his own life and the lives of countless others.

Learning to make and keep six promises during his diverse career, Rosseau now shows young people how to develop a plan for themselves.

These stories, lessons, setbacks, and triumphs—from the neighborhoods of North Philadelphia to executive leadership—reveal new possibilities in an inspiring blend of smart strategy, hard work, and willingness to connect to help others.

What People say About The Book

"This book has shifted success as a proactive approach in moving in the direction you focus to go in. A road map how to go about building bridges of networks of people to insure in your success. I recommend this book to those who are ready for a shift in thinking and philosophy."

"James/Trig delivers a passionate story of his remarkable life in a tight, well-articulated and powerful prose full of good advice and lessons learned. Good reading, was glued to the book from cover to cover. I would highly recommend this book as motivational/inspirational read."

"This book should be required reading in High School! It is a practical guide with compelling stories to drive discussion across generations. It makes you want to own and share your story."

I recommend reading Success on Your Own Terms because James does a great job of articulating business issues and relating them to your personal life. I always try to take a few things away from books like this and the way this book is organized allows you to capture many important details. It is well written and organized in a fashion that allows you to do this successfully. This is one of the more motivating books I have read and encourage anyone who has an entrepreneurial mindset to read this book. It is a quick read that you will find yourself bookmarking often and going back to for ideas for personal and business issues.

It has been a long time since a book captured my attention, James Rosseau Sr.'s book has done that for me. The principles he passionately shares along with the transparency of his personal experiences helps you feel the importance of each promise. He helps you understand that when you are clear about the connection between your passion and purpose you can begin to take action to progress. I wish this book was available to me when I was still in school as early as 5th grade; the principles speaks to all ages and gives us a way to live a life of responsibility regardless of our current circumstance. Our society needs hope, now more than ever. Learning the skills to become your own CEO in all aspects of your life will reap a harvest of an abundant and hopeful life; I believe the content of this book will help you achieve that and more.

If you want a practical way to understand how to build a career while understanding that relationships matter, this is your book. The unexpected part of the book which I liked ws the small but relevant autobiographical part and the lessons learned in growing a career. It's a quick read with enough useful information to emain relevant. I highly recommend this book, particularly if you are entering the workforce as a professional, but there is also a lot in here for the seasoned pro as well.

"Success on Your Own Terms" is a very simple and easy to follow career inspiring book. James talks about his deliberate and focused attention to his career ladder and how he methodically follows through them. This book is very inspiring in a very fundamental way that says self-discipline, focus, attention to detail and motivation can take help progress through the professional society and career path. James also shares about his challenges as a normal individual and how he doesn't let loose of his focus from those distractions. One of my take away from his book is the meticulous tracking and follow through in building a professional network and I see it works.

I found this book to be an enjoyable quick read which can be used as a study guide. The author shares his "tried and true" techniques for pursuing your passions and reaching your goals, techniques which can easily be applied to both your professional and personal life. I was particularly impressed with the author's personable and friendly approach, and his sense of humor. It is basically a straightforward, one-on-one approach from a professional who has gotten past some serious hurdles and wants to help others do the same. I highly recommend this book as a great reference for career building as well as for honing social skills.

Mr. Rosseau effectively uses his experience in life and in business to give excellent advice on self development and education. What I took away from it was to focus on my professional development to pursue my passion. Rosseau was sure of what he wanted and whatever it took to get there. He also sought advice from those who could help him on the way. Very good knowledge and learning can be found in this book

This is the book I have been waiting for! the step by step process to define success on my own terms has changed my life. I highly recommend this book to anyobe that believes they're already successful. Life changing!

In this book, James Rosseau provides us with tools analogous to surveyors' instruments. Early on, he cites the "compass" that always indicates true North, without deviation. He encourages us to avoid despair at the distance to goals by measuring our progress using small links like those of a "surveyor's chain." His "transit" is topped with a "telescope" of clear vision, mounted upon "circles" to measure the heights we face, and fitted with "levels" to keep us "on the level." He provides another "circle" whereby we may ascertain the direction of what we observe. All this he mounts on a stout "tripod", comprising a leg of faith relationship, a leg of interpersonal relationships, and a leg of self relationship. Not only does James provide us with measuring tools, but he teaches us how to enlarge our territory, not by conquest or by Machiavellian methods, but rather by sharing and cooperation. James teaches us how to succeed, and to help others to succeed, by applying healthful and noble moral principles.

I quietly observed James Rosseau as an Extraordinary Leader, a Patient Mentor & an Impressive Role Model in his fairly recent new role as President of LegalShield Business Solutions so I was prompted to finally read this book to get a better sense of his background and journey! WOW! This book over-delivers! As a lifelong entrepreneur who is not in a corporate environment, I found this a refreshing read and a masterfully laid out blueprint on how to chart your course for your career and your life on your own terms. Mr. Rosseau takes you on a journey through his life and career and shares his lessons learned along the way. Through deft storytelling he not only weaves in lessons and insights but also guides you on applying those lessons to your own life and career throughout the book. What I love most is his emphasis on developing and nurturing relationships by genuinely connecting with people of all types and at all levels for the long term and so that you can learn. Never discount anyone - you can always learn something from them. And, you must make relationship building and nurturing a priority. I also love that he explains the why behind his strategic moves and how he plays the "Corporate Chess" game to get to the C-suite. Quite instructive even if you are not operating in the corporate environment. I've had the privilege of meeting and speaking with Mr. Rosseau in person and I love that he is extremely down to earth and easy to talk to. As a leader, he also does a great job of holding folks accountable while supporting you and reminding you to think about why you are where you are and how to keep score to get ahead and meet or exceed your goals. He's a great coach and mentor. Whether you're in the corporate environment, self-employed or a small business owner, Mr. Rosseau shares numerous things to think about as you evaluate your life and your business/career choices. For me, it was time well spent and my print copy of the book is filled with markings to go back and review when I need a bit of Rosseau's wisdom and encouragement. As a black male, I think Mr. Rosseau also serves as a fantastic role model for ANY young man who thinks that he can't rise up and excel from whatever his circumstances are. It takes work ethic, ambition and being coachable, among other things, and Mr. Rosseau connects the dots quite well for his reader to go after opportunities that arise and excel! Enjoy!

I thoroughly enjoyed the book "Success on Your Own Terms" by James Rosseau. It's refreshing to see that we are all faced with obstacles and the path is not always easy, even for those who have obviously, "made it"! The challenges that James faced in climbing the corporate ladder are similar to those that most of us in corporate America have faced as well. It's obvious his family and his faith has been an inspiration to him. His passion and conviction are inspirational and you're left with a feeling that we can all overcome and succeed if we have the drive and the patience to do it! Thank you for sharing your story ...

I recommend this book because it speaks to some very basic concepts about success. As a professional working in corporate America for some time, this book makes you feel that success is possible with a few well defined strategies that evolve as you grow. James takes the time to provide useful tools and examples to help you create your pattern of success. His personal experiences and passion is shown in each chapter that encourages you to find your motivator and guides you to capitalize on the real you. It is a must read for those entering the workforce or those re-branding themselves. Just the motivation one needs!

Success On Your Own Terms provides a Roadmap to understanding to achieve Success is totally dependent on the individual desiring to pay the price for Success. Mr. Rosseau's journey provides encouragement to anyone regardless to background, gender, ethnicity or economic variables that you not only can be what's possible but actually become what's great. I definitely encourage anyone to allow this book and author to Coach and become your personal GPS to fulfilling your purpose in life.

"Success On Your Own Terms" is an excellent book which outlines details on how to navigate Corporate America . It is a great read for all, but I think it would prove most beneficial to young African Americans who aren't always privy to the ways of Corporate America. With the right information, it allows you to level the playing field. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experiences. -Lorie M.

This book has made an immediate impact on my life. It has opened my eyes to a lot of things and given me simple tools to achieve life long dreams and aspirations. Definitely a game changer and I recommend it to anyone looking to re-start their life and ignite their passions. Simply put, this book is DOPE!!!!!!!

The PERFECT college graduation gift. Too many kids get sucked into dead end jobs that feel more like slavery than a career. We need more entrepreneurs. Every college should hand this book out at graduation.

Fascinating information. Change is possible. Dream big Dreams than take action!

Inspirational and motivating.

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