Launch of the Allstate Affinity Solutions and IHG Partnership

Launch of our 2nd rewards based partnership.  As I’ve shared with some, since joining Allstate in the Fall of 2011, we’ve had quite a journey.  Starting a new business unit, learning the industry and driving to create innovative ways to break through in the industry are all challenging tasks….trying to do that all at the same time is even that much harder.  However, if it aligns with your passion, it’s a journey well worth.  We have a long road ahead of us, but it’s important to count the small wins along the way!

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Launch of the Allstate Affinity Solutions and United Partnership

When I started at Allstate in the Fall of 2011, we developed a vision to launch something unique in the insurance category.  It has been an uphill march for the past 12 + months, with a number of talented resources across our company, banding together, to create a differentiator in the marketplace.

Innovation costs….time, resources, trade-offs, etc., but I am confident it will be well worth it.  I’m very proud that we’ve been able to pull this off!

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Launching our first partner “Bass Pro Shops” at Allstate Insurance

As some of your know, I left JPMorgan Chase after 11 years there in the fall of 2011 to join Allstate as the head of the Affinity Solutions business.  As with any new job, a lot of new things all at once – – new city, new place to live, new co-workers, etc.  Even more exciting was that this was a brand new business I was hired to launch inside of Allstate – – a great company with great people.

Bass Pro Shops represents our very first partnership for the business.  Below is a bit of information about it.

Allstate and Bass Pro Shops Launch New Relationship

NORTHBROOK, Ill., The weather is still warm enough for some boating, which means it’s not too late for a reminder to help keep boaters safe and make sure they’re insured while on the water. To help ensure boater safety, Allstate is joining forces with Bass Pro Shops to launch a new Affinity relationship. The relationship with Bass Pro Shops allows Allstate to exclusively market boat, all-terrain vehicle, utility vehicle, auto and home insurance to Bass Pro Shops U.S. – based customers. The relationship offers consumers a more convenient way to purchase boat insurance, so they can have the protection they may need before driving their boat off the Bass Pro Shops lot.”Just as Allstate prides itself in serving customers who prefer the personal touch of doing business with an agent, Bass Pro Shops builds a strong relationship with its customer base beyond the walls of their storefronts,” said James Rosseau, President, Allstate Affinity Solutions. “This relationship will help consumers conveniently find the insurance protection they want through an Allstate agent.”
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