My Passion of Music

After years of having produced for other artists I decided to release my own full length CD in 2000 under the moniker of “Omega.”  I had a fun time producing all of the tracks except for “How You Want It,” which was produced by my good friend B.E.R.I.D.O.X. (Bryant Tabb).  Years later I find the title of the CD to be so interesting – – as today, “Journey” is clearly a theme I refer to often when it comes to my life and the pursuit of my passions.  Check it out!


As time progressed, I feel back into my music nickname of “Trig” which was given to me as a DJ as long-time again.  When I started DJing in my early teens, as my nickname was Bernie, they called my DJ Trigger B.  Overtime it was just shortened to Trig.  In the late 90s I transitioned from my work in secular music to Christian Hip-Hop as I was not only convicted, but saw the tremendous opportunity to use it as a tool to touch lives.  In the early 2000s I put together the Corelink Compilation.