Resources For Your Growth

Free Resources For Your Growth

As you take this journey, I want to encourage you to own it from start to finish and remind you that is in fact, a journey.  Below is a list of resources for your growth to get you off to a fast start.


Free First Chapter of my book: This will help set the stage and context in terms of everything you see on this platform.  I recommend you start here, if the first chapter makes sense, then you get the book :).

Resources for your growth. Success On Your Own Terms Book Cover.


Free Work Book: This will take you from identifying your passion through a codified system that I have developed over almost 20 years and continue to refine as a lifelong learner.

Resources for growth. Success On Your Own Terms - The Complete Workbook. Book Cover


Success Thought of the Day:  Get a daily dose of inspiration delivered to your email box each morning.  How we begin our days is critical and our thoughts are more important than a cup of coffee – – and I like my coffee!  :).

Resources for Growth. The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day - Henry Ward Beecher


Some of my favorite books

Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking

In full transparency, Billy and Melissa are great friends of mine.  In fact, Billy wrote the forward to my book and is the one that introduced me to Melissa, who was my book coach.  This book is great for several reasons, but I will try to keep it to three.  1) I have seen them live out the practices they are speaking to.  2) They go straight into the challenges most of us have with networking and help debunk them early on so we get that out of the way and 3) They provide practical “do now” tips to how to succeed.

Resources for growth. Making your network.


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