The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau, Sr.: Episode 2: Fran Tarkenton – The Thrill of Learning

AUGUST 23, 2018
Written by James Rosseau



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The Corelink Solution with James Rosseau, Sr.: Episode 1: Matt Winter – The Unchartered Course

AUGUST 21, 2018
Written by James Rosseau

As a part of launching our new company, The Corelink Solution, I would like to introduce you to our new podcast of the same name.  It is designed to empower others through awareness and actionable insights with a focus on Leadership and Personal Development; Entrepreneurship and Social Justice (education in particular).

Please review the first episode where I link up with Matt Winter, recently retired president of the Allstate Insurance company, who shares precious nuggets about career management, leadership and more.

Important: As a new podcast, ratings and reviews are important.  If you have a moment, please do so, it goes a long way – particularly on iTunes.

Thanks so much for your support.

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Success On Your Own Terms: Faith City Seminars

JULY 06, 2018
Written by James Rosseau

Join us for the Success On Your Own Terms: 6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion, Ignite Your Career and Create An Amazing Life Seminars

These seminars are designed to help you identify your potential and put a plan in place to achieve it.  They will take place, each week on Thursdays for four weeks, beginning on August 9th and run through August 30th (8/9, 8/16, 8/23 and 8/30).

Our expectation is that each seminar will last approximately one hour, depending on questions and answers towards the end of the session.

Resources For Your Growth

JUNE 08, 2018
Written by James Rosseau

Free Work Book: This will take you from identifying your passion through a codified system that I have developed over almost 20 years and continue to refine as a lifelong learner.

Resources for growth. Success On Your Own Terms - The Complete Workbook. Book Cover

Success Thought of the Day:  Get a daily dose of inspiration delivered to your email box each morning.  How we begin our days is critical and our thoughts are more important than a cup of coffee – – and I like my coffee!  :).

Resources for Growth. The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day - Henry Ward Beecher

Some of my favorite books

Making Your Net Work: Mastering the Art and Science of Career and Business Networking

In full transparency, Billy and Melissa are great friends of mine.  In fact, Billy wrote the forward to my book and is the one that introduced me to Melissa, who was my book coach.  This book is great for several reasons, but I will try to keep it to three.  1) I have seen them live out the practices they are speaking to.  2) They go straight into the challenges most of us have with networking and help debunk them early on so we get that out of the way and 3) They provide practical “do now” tips to how to succeed.

Resources for growth. Making your network.

Goal Setting

MAY 27, 2018
Written by James Rosseau

Goal Setting is key to success in your life, career and anything you want to achieve.  Let’s get started by watching this short video below.

FREE WORKBOOK: To start you Goal Setting, I challenge you to take action right now and will give you my Success On Your Own Terms Workbook for Free.  My advice, begin on page 6, outlining your passions, which will lead you right into outlining your goals on page 15.


TRANSCRIPT: For those that prefer reading, the transcript is available below.

When you think about your goals, there are a lot of different ways you can put them together. There is no perfect format. I’m a fan of the S.M.A.R.T. system of putting together goals. It works well for me. I’ve used it over the course of years, quite honestly, I use a number of different tools, but I always come back to this one, because the acronym is extremely powerful in terms of making sure you’re true to how you establish your goals.

If you’ve never seen it before, let me walk through it briefly.

SMART Goal Setting Structure
SMART Goal Setting Structure

(S) The “S” stands for specific, be very specific about what you want to achieve. Sometimes we get from 2014 to 2015. What I heard is I want to have a better business. Not quite specific enough. What is better business really mean.

(M) Point 2 (“M”) Measurable make sure it is something that you can look at and time after time again do the “Plan, Do, Review.” How am I measuring against my goal? But I have to set the measurement standard. What should the value be?

(A) Three, Achievable. It should be something I can do, but at the same time it shouldn’t be the “run rate” from last year. It should be just out of reach, but not out of sight. It should make you slightly uncomfortable. It should make you have to stretch. It should make you work harder. If you were an athlete, it should make you breathe harder.

(R) Relevant…It should be totally core to what you’re doing in your business. It’s got to be extremely relevant.

(T) And last but not least it has to be time-bound right. It can’t go on forever, you’ve got to say specifically, what I’m going to do when I’m going to get it done by, how will I measure it.

6 Ways To Avoid Drifting Through Your Career

FEBRUARY 13, 2017
Written by James Rosseau

After working for 25 years, and through trial and error, I finally realized something powerful. I understood and acknowledged that it wasn’t a random set of acts or events that produced the success and joy I have felt in my career.

What I learned in going through challenges, in encountering roadblocks and obstacles, is that I have to be true to myself. These six promises are commitments that I’ve made to myself and mindfully put into practice in every situation that I’ve been in. My advice, from someone who has been there, is to make these six promises and keep them:


Don’t discount your dreams. Return to that childlike fascination you once had and find a way to spend your work and life passionately!


Most of us have experienced the paralysis that often comes from perfection or the pursuit of it. Here is an alternative to the paralysis of perfection: what if you performed to progress toward your goals and dreams, celebrating each small step along the way? As I referenced before, passion is at the root of the promises. It is a key part of the larger process of fueling your progress. However, the world doesn’t reward dreamers for dreaming but for doing. You must also perform at the highest possible level, seeking progress with each new skill set learned and action taken.

One of the most dangerous words I know

JANUARY 23, 2017
Written by adminJames

One of the most dangerous words I know is comfortable. In all honesty, we often don’t use the words, we just act them out. See, in the world of career and personal development, we want to constantly challenge ourselves to be the very “best version of me” possible. I like to think of it as positioning ourselves on an incline – where we are not only looking forward but upward. This is important as we need to be challenged, regularly, to get better.

Let’s compare it to exercising. In running, we challenge our pace, which strengthens our heart rate. In weightlifting, we challenge our muscles, which tear, rebuild and become stronger.  The key is that in both cases, we embrace the challenge and discomfort consciously and deliberately, in order to grow and move towards that “best version” of ourselves.  For example, if you think about building muscles, the process is a very simple one. As you lift more weight (and as many say “no pain, no gain”), you, in fact, stress and slightly tear, muscle tissue. That tissue not only repairs itself but swells a bit and over time results in stronger muscles and more strength.

Download Book Summaries “Success on Your Own Terms” (Free)

JANUARY 15, 2017
Written by adminJames

Download “Success On Your Own Terms” Chapter 2 (Free)

JANUARY 15, 2017
Written by adminJames

Podcast Interview with Jon Umstead

DECEMBER 24, 2016
Written by adminJames

Keys on a keychain with a fob that reads SUCCESS

I was very honored to be a part of this podcast with Jon Umstead.  Great conversation!

How do you define success? More importantly, what do you do to go get it? In this episode of Business is ART, Jon and his guest, executive and author James Rosseau Sr., discuss the topic and the 6 promises James defines in his book Success On Your Own Terms.

You can listen to it here




6 Promises to Fire Up Your Passion,
Ignite Your Career and Create an Amazing Life

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