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The first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day. – Henry Ward Beecher

Do you begin the day sluggish and tired or are you energized and excited about the possibilities that the day ahead holds? Your attitude at the start the day can have more affect on you than ten cups of coffee!

When I joined JPMorgan Chase in 2000, we had a team of about 60 or so folks on the Payroll Services team. While I tried I interact with everyone regularly, the flurry of meetings made that a challenge and our high cube walls tended to separate everyone into their own worlds.  Further, we did not have a meeting room large enough to accommodate large crowds, even if we did want to do an all-hands meeting or something to that extent.  It was during this time that I began what I called the “thought of the day.”

During my morning commute from Philadelphia to New York, I would read newspapers or books, often finding a noteworthy thought or quote that would resonate with me.  These simple yet profound messages stayed with me as I went through my daily commute. I decided to share these things with my team during our morning meetings.  I chose items that I considered to be inspirational or thought provoking—I wanted to give everyone a chance to pause and reflect, to consider the relevancy of this information for the day ahead.  I found that it generated healthy conversations and reflections.

I decided to begin sharing these messages through e-mail each morning.  As time went on and I kept it going over the course of a few months, it became a daily expectation.  If I forgot to send one in the morning, I could count on someone somewhere coming up to me in the hallways, asking me, “Hey, what happened to the thought of the day? I missed it this morning!”

Now more than 15 years later the thought of the day goes out to more than a 1,000 folks over morning.  If you, your students, your employees or your team could benefit from it, I invite you to sign up for it here.  It costs you nothing but the risk of some daily inspiration!



Marina Arias On January 25, 2017

Thank you so much for including me in your emails for 'Thought of the Day' and sharing your success with us. Your book is wonderful!!!


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